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The Arcade

The Arcade: a new (ad)venture in women’s fiction

The escapist pleasures of a book – plus the addictive cliff-hangers of your favourite soap…
Christmas time is the perfect time to sample the delights of a brand new form of story-telling – free to download on your Kindle:

Welcome to The Arcade

The bubbliest of soaps, coming straight to your Kindle every month!
The story begins…

Once upon a time, six best-selling novelists popped open a first bottle of cava and decided it was time to try something new.
With more than a million novels sold between them, and their books published in twenty different languages, they still loved to write juicy blockbusters – but also longed for the thrills of a shorter liaison, of something wicked to look forward to, a date for long for.
‘If only we could write a serial story, the way Charles Dickens did, so readers couldn’t wait for the next episode?’ one said.
‘Maybe with e-books, we could,’ said another.
And so the novelists began to plan a sexy, sassy, soapy story set in a beautiful Victorian seaside shopping arcade – where the dramas and rivalries are as dazzling as the window displays.
Episode 1 launches on Christmas Eve – and as a special treat, the novelists, writing as Kitty Charles, are giving it away on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day – so there’s nothing to stop you giving into temptation and sampling the delights of Angell’s Arcade!
And as you wait for the February episode, you can entertain yourself trying to guess which of your favourite women’s fiction authors are working behind the scenes at the Arcade…

Episode 1: The Vintage Boutique


What do you dream of?
Gorgeous clothes, gourmet foods, beautiful men?

Whatever you wish for, Angell’s Arcade is all your dreams come true. Under its Victorian glass atrium, twelve little shops glow like gems– and the people who run them love and fight and sell for their lives.

As a new year beckons, the Arcade’s newest tenant, Faith, dreams of a new start – away from the front-line ambulance work she once loved. She’s hoping for a quiet life selling the vintage clothes she loves…

Hairdresser Marilyn dreams of glamour, of a man to take care of her, and of fitting into the next dress size down. But she’s not ready for the biggest shock of 2013.

And arcade owner Joan, who keeps an eye on the Arcadians’ lives – and loves –  from her apartment in the Gothic glass turret, is pulling the strings. But who is pulling hers?

As all the members of the Angell’s ‘family’ gather to see in the new year together, new rivalries, old loves and fresh passions fizz like champagne.

Background to The Arcade:

The Arcade is as addictive as chocolate truffles from the Chocwaves store, as sexy as honeymoon lingerie from The Garden of Eden, and as scandalous as a night in Ernesto’s tango studio.

And the best bit? The Arcade comes to you in monthly episodes, so you can get your fix of sex and shopping every four weeks… a new story will become available every month throughout 2013.

Written by six best-selling novelists under the name of Kitty Charles, The Arcade is a sexy, sassy tribute to the serials that kept readers turning the pages in Dickens’ times – with all the passion, the intrigue and the larger than life characters you could hope for.


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